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founded 1965





The official name of the Club shall be "GVR Lapidary Club", a non-profit organization (hereinafter known as the "Club"). Within the Green Valley Recreation (GVR) community the club name shall be "GVR Lapidary and Silversmith Club".


The purpose of the Club shall be:

  • To continue, in cooperation with GVR, to provide and operate well-equipped facilities for GVR members who are interested in working in lapidary, silversmith, and other jewelry crafts.
  • To provide instruction, workshops, and an atmosphere conducive to the development and expansion of members' talents and to attract new members.
  • To make available to members "open" Club time for individual work.
  • To provide a retail sales outlet for items made by its members according to the operating policies of the Club.
  • To maintain clear lines of communication between the Club Board and the appropriate GVR staff and GVR Board of Directors.


  • All GVR members holding membership or tenant cards in good standing with GVR are entitled to become members and participate at any meeting or activity of the Club.
  • Guests, as defined by GVR, may be invited to Club Social functions, may tour the facilities, but are not allowed to use the equipment.
  • All members shall abide by published GVR Rules and Regulations and the member Code of Conduct. Violations may jeopardize the privileges of the offending individual through GVR suspension procedures. In addition, all members are expected to become knowledgeable of the Rules and Regulations of the Club and abide by them. Violators may be subject to disciplinary action as from time to time determined by the Board, but in accordance with GVR rules.


  • The governing body shall consist of a Board of Directors (hereafter called 'Board') composed of a maximum of ten (10) members in good standing. 
  • Three (3) Directors shall be elected each year prior to the Annual Meeting by paper or electronic ballot. Ballots shall be made available to each member along with the Notice of the Annual Meeting thirty (30) days in advance of the Meeting. Said paper ballots will be available in all Lapidary Club shops. Electronic ballots shall be available at the option of the Board and only if the use thereof complies with Arizona statute section 10-3708 F & G. Members who are outside the area during an election shall always have the option to print and mail their ballot through the US mail as well.
  • Ballots must be submitted no later than two days prior to the Meeting. Cumulative voting is not permitted. The three (3) nominees receiving the most votes shall be elected as a Director for a three (3) year term. Any vacancy that occurs will be filled by a Board appointee for the remaining term of the person who created the vacancy. Vacancies will be filled as expeditiously as possible.
  • The immediate Past President of the Board, if no longer serving part of a three-year term, shall serve as the tenth member of the Board in a nonvoting, advisory capacity.
  • A Nominating Committee of at least two members shall be appointed by the President each year who shall prepare a slate of Nominees for election to the Board. They shall submit this list to the Board not less than 60 days in advance of the next Annual Meeting.
  • Directors shall not hold office for more than two consecutive terms, but may be eligible for election again after a lapse of one year. Director terms shall run from January 1 through December 31.
  • Five (5) members of the Board present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction Of business provided due notice of the meeting has been given to all members of the Board.
  • The Board shall meet monthly for at least 10 months of the calendar year, or at the call of the President. Notice of meeting shall be given in writing or by e-mail. All meetings are open for members to attend unless the board is in Executive Session.
  • The general membership may request a special meeting of the Board by written request to the President, signed by ten (10) members in good standing, and stating the purpose of the meeting. Only business as stated in the purpose of the special meeting may be conducted at said meeting.
  • Roberts Rules of Order (newly revised) shall govern the meetings in all applicable cases and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws or any special rules of order that the Board may adopt.

The duties of the Board shall be to supervise the affairs of the Club including:

  • To determine policy for the operation of the Club.
  • To establish schedules and guidelines for workshops and classes in cooperation with GVR.
  • To make rules and regulations governing member activities and the use of the facilities, to establish the hour and place of business meetings, to maintain and publish records necessary for the operation of the Club to include, but not limited to, Operating Manual, Policies, Procedures as determined and approved by the Board.
  • To establish and maintain fiduciary responsibility of the Club.
  • The President may assign Directors, or other Club members, to committee chair positions from time to time.
  • The Board shall, each year, appoint an accountant whose responsibility is to conduct a reading of the Club's financial records and procedures and note any discrepancies for presentation to the Board.

Any Director missing more than three (3) consecutive meetings may be removed by vote of the Board.

 Any director who is not in the area or available in person shall be allowed to attend Board meetings by telephone or by zoom if available.

The Board shall establish limits on expenditures. Such limits shall be specified in the Club Operating Policies and/or the Procedures Manual.



  • The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and the Board of Directors.
  • The President shall act as liaison officer between the Club and GVR.


  • In the absence of the President the Vice-President shall preside at all meetings of the members and the Board and assume all duties of the President.
  • The Vice-President shall serve at the request of the President.


  • The Secretary shall record all minutes of the membership and Board meetings. These minutes shall be published, distributed to all members of the Board, posted for the membership upon approval, and made available to GVR on their request.
  • The Secretary shall retain all routine correspondence and other administrative records for three years prior to the current year and retain permanent records for the life of the organization.
  • The Secretary may, if approved by the Board of Directors, use the services of an Assistant Secretary.


  • The Treasurer shall arrange for a bank account in an FDIC insured financial institution and shall arrange for the appropriate signature approval annually. The Board Secretary shall sign when required by the Financial Institution.
  •  The Treasurer shall record all income and expenditures of the Club, and regularly deposit monies to the Club accounts.
  • The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report on a monthly and annual basis for the Board and the members. The Treasurer shall have records available upon request by GVR and make available those materials necessary for the annual review.
  • The Treasurer may, if approved by the Board, use the services of an Assistant Treasurer.
  • The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary shall have authority to sign checks as determined time to time by the Board.


  • At least two membership meetings shall be held during the calendar year. One of these meetings shall be the Annual Meeting.
  • The Annual Meeting shall be held during the month of November, as determined by the Board, at such time and place as convenient for the assembly of the members.
  • Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be given by the President at least 30 days in advance by written notice posted in all Lapidary Club shops, and by e-mail.
  • A membership meeting may be called by the membership upon request to the President. The request shall be signed by not less than 10% of members in good standing of the Club, stating the purpose of the meeting.
  • A quorum at all membership meetings shall consist of a minimum of 10% of the total membership.
  • Roberts Rules of Order (newly revised) shall govern the meetings in all applicable cases and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws or any special rules of order that the Board may adopt.


  • The fiscal year shall be the calendar year, January 1 through December 31. A year-end financial statement shall be filed with GVR in accordance with their requirements.
  • Annual dues shall be determined by the Board and, if the annual increase is greater than $5.00, it must be approved by the membership at a membership meeting.
  • Dues are due by January 1 of each year in order to use the facilities of the Club.  Full annual dues may be paid at any time during the year to become a member in good standing for that year.

The Board shall establish committees as needed to ensure the safe and appropriate operations of the Club. These shall include, but are not limited to, the following Standing Committees:


  • This committee shall be responsible for reporting to the Board on matters of class scheduling and reviews, consolidating and submitting annual budget for classes, developing an array of lead and class instructors, scheduling room requirements within Club facilities, and requesting that the Club president schedule non-Club facilities with GVR as needed. 


  • This committee shall be comprised of at least the Facility Managers and report to the Board on matters of equipment maintenance or replacement, safety, security, facility procedures, staffing of monitors, and other tasks as determined by the Board.


  • This Committee shall make recommendations to the Board regarding any and all Club financial policies and practices. It shall consist of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer (if applicable) Purchasing Agent as defined in the Operating Manual, and at least one other member at large.


  • The Membership Committee shall be responsible for reporting to the Board on matters of member records, new member applications and renewals, and other tasks as assigned by the Board.


  • This committee shall be responsible for organizing and managing the Artisan Festival of the Club.


  • This committee shall be responsible for coordinating all the social functions of the club.

The Board may authorize the subdivision and/or reorganization of any Standing Committees, or the formation of any Special Committees, as it deems necessary.


  • Proposed amendments of the Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Board who shall submit them to GVR for approval. When approved by GVR, the Board shall place them on the agenda for the next general or special membership meeting.
  • Amendments must be approved by a majority vote of the memberships in good standing who are in attendance at the general or special membership meeting for which notice of a Bylaw amendment vote has been given in advance.
  • Written copies of any proposed amendments must be made available to the membership at each Club facility and/or via email at least 30 days in advance of the meeting at which a vote is to be taken.


  • A final copy of the approved and signed Bylaws, and all subsequent amendments, shall be made available to members and to GVR. Copies shall be available on the Club website and at each Club facility.


Upon dissolution of the Club, any assets after all bills have been paid shall be transferred to GVR.

Amended May 3, 2023 by the GVR Lapidary Club Board and Membership

Promoting interest and education in lapidary, silversmith and other jewelry crafts for GVR members.



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